Model No.︰TISON
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
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Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description
TISON 900PGranular activated Bleaching Earth

TISON  900PMade by HANGZHOU SINO-HOLDING CHEMICALS CO.,LTD.(FC INC SINCE 1958)  ;TISON 900Pis made from highly-pure montmorillonite by means of acidifying, crushing, granulating and sifting. TISON  900P mainly used as the elimination agent of alkene in extraction installation of the benzene products series and used to refine the fuel oil for jet engine. Sometimes, as catalysts in reactions of condensation, polymerization etc. The particle sizes of   TISON 900P  can be selected among 8-16 mesh, 15-30 mesh, 30-60 mesh, etc. Made by the needs of the consumers.

Specifications︰TISON 900P Item Index

mean surface area m2/g = 220
free acidty ;measured in H2SO4= 0.20
particle Passing 20mesh% = 85.0
Passing 60 mesh% = 5.0
moisture% = 8.0 -6.0
bulk density g/ml 0.6~0.9
Bromine index mg Br/100g oil = 5.0
crushing strength N = 1.0- 0.5
decoloring power% = 150
Advantages︰+ Higher suface area
+ Good performance
+ Lower dusty
Export Markets︰World wide
Payment Details︰T/T IN ADVANCE
Min Order︰50 MT
Ship Date︰within 25 days after T/T
Standard Met︰ISO 9001:2008
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