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Product Description
Minute Sample, High Shear Rate Cone&Plate Viscometer

Product Information and Details

Automatic Cone/Gap Positioning System             

Simple To Clean The Sample

Single Speed Or CVT Speed

Precise Control Of The Sample Temperature

Minute Sample

High Shear Rate

The DV Software Obtains The Rheological Curve Quickly That Agrees With The ISO 2884, GB 9751 And The Other Industrial Standards


Optional Accessories

DV Data Collection & Programmable Analysis Software

Constant-temperature Water Bath Exclusive For Measuring The Viscosity

Cone Rotor



Paint, Resin, Gel, Food

Brightener, Organic So ent, Asphalt, Tar Oil

Hot Melt Adhesive, Cream, Chocolate, Ink and etc

Specifications︰VISCOMETER DV
Cap Series Viscosity Ranges (mPa.s)




Measurement Range (mPa.s)

On another page*

On another page*

R.P.M (per min)

900, 750, 400, 100


Temp Range (oC)

-5 oC ~ 95 oC

Rotor Amount

One customized cone rotor

Measurement Accuracy

+ - 2.0% (of the full range)


+ - 1.0%

* Please see the page of rotors
Product Image

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