Model No.︰STM 2
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description
STM  Viscometer For Paint & etc

Product Information and Details

This type of viscometer covers the index of the current market from STM-1 to STM-4

No need of counterweight or glide wheel , which simplifies the testing program

Electrical lifting design that reduces the requirement of testing liquid level control

Agrees with the industrial paint standard ASTM D562, GB9269

The stepping motor drives directly without gear at an accurate rotational speed

The LCD screen shows a lot of information in blue lighted background

The viscometer is able to lock the viscosity value, KU value, load value and temperature

Shows the continuous variation of viscosity value

Alarm alerts when the measurement is out of range

Standard RTD temperature sensor

Equipped with the printing port of automatic testing data output

Linear correction for the whole measurement by the computer

AC adaptor 100V- 240V, excellent in interference immunity




Equipment Configuration

STM viscometer monitor   x1

Electrical lifter                    x1

KU1 -10 rotor                     x1

KU1 – 73 (base)                x1

KU1 – 73 (base)                x1

RTD temperature sensor   x1



Specifications︰STM Series Main Technical Standards



Measurement Range (mPa.s)

40 KU -141 KU, 32g – 1099 gm , 27-5274 cp

R.P.M (per min)



1 Pint

Rotor Amount

KU 1 -10

Measurement Accuracy

+ - 1.0 % (of the full range)



Product Image

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