Model No.︰ ADDEZ ?C830
Brand Name︰ ADDEZ ?C830
Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description

ADDEZ ?C830 is specially formulated for use in the following applications:
■Organophilic Filtration Media: as flow through media for treating groundwater and leachate
■ Bulk Capping: provides subaqueous chemical isolation of contaminated sediment NAPL seeps in waterways.
■Solidification/Stabilization additive: improves hydraulic and leachability performance of pozzolanic mixes by adsorbing NAPL and disso ed low solubility organics


Specifications︰ ADDEZ ?C830 Organic Adsorption Media is a proprietary granular adsorption media effective in removing oils, greases other non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPL) and other disso ed high molecular weight/low solubility organics.
Adsorption Media Character:The series powder activated carbon are produced by Steam method with charcoal or selected perfect sawdust as raw materials. The products with the character of developed micro pore structure, very low
Application : Mainly used for Drinking water purification, Wastewater treatment, High purification of Oils and facts, Pharmaceuticals and other chemical intermediates etc

Advantages︰■ADDEZ ?C830 Adsorption Media

As filtration media used in series prior to activated carbon vessel, it extends life and adsorbency of activated carbon by removal of larger molecular organics that can cause fouling.
■Operates in stand-alone mode for treatment of oil contaminated waters or steam condensates.
■High adsorption capacity of oils, greases and other NAPL
Standard Met︰ISO9001:2008
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