• Ceramic Substrates - ADDEZ®CE
  • Ceramic Substrates - ADDEZ®CE
Model No.︰ADDEZ?CE series
Brand Name︰ADDEZ?CE
Country of Origin︰China
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Minimum Order︰-
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Specifications︰ADDEZ?CE Ceramic substrates are the new developed products of our company which can be used for . Automotive Exhaust Three-way Catalysts. ADDEZ?CE series thermal expansion coefficient can be controlled within 1.1 × 10-6, theaverage diameter of pore is 8-10μm, with the wall thickness of 0.15- 0.17mm, achieving leadingindustrial level in China, and ready to be used in a variety of catalytic converter applications.

We offermore than 40 sizes of ceramic substrates with various cell designs. This type of products are been exported
to Germany,Italy, France, the United Arab Emirates, and many other countries.
Advantages︰ADDEZ?CED Diesel Particulate Filters

With reference to the technical requirements of Corning Incorporated, after several years of research and development, our company improved the existing technical equipment. We can produce diesel particulate filters with maximum
diameterup to 330mm, with averge pore diameter of 10 ~ 12μm, and porosity close to that of the world's advanced level.We werethe first in China to industrialize diesel particulate filters with “large diameter, multi-pores, high porosity.
Standard Met︰ISO9001:2008
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