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Product Description
ADDEZ?APA modified in high consistency suspension with fluoride sodium is used as microparticle retention aid in papermaking industry. ADDEZ?APA is compared with the conventional bentonite slurry modified by sodium carbonate.The results show that the high consistency bentonite slurry modified by fluoride sodium can be used as the microparticle retention aid.
Specifications︰ADDEZ?APA designed for papermaking, are formulated low molecular weight polymeric chemicals mixture which increase retention and drainage on wire, improve over-all efficiency and reduce the solid load going into the effluent.ADDEZ?APA is effective over a wide range of pH values encountered in papermaking
Advantages︰ADDEZ?APA has good adaptability with the pH value of papermaking system,ADDEZ?APA can increase the fines retention rate and improve the drainage,and maintains very good dispersity,fluidity and fines retention rate even after 4 weeks.ADDEZ?APA has great application value as microparticle retention aid in papermaking industry.
Export Markets︰Global
Standard Met︰ISO9001:2008
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